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Heels And Hose - The Movie / Number of clips: 6

Sammy Jane is obsessed with her own legs and feet. The feeling of stockings against her skin is her ultimate turn-on. Sam decides to live out her fantasies without her husband Jeremy, who finds foot sex ridiculous and indulges in a private masturbation with stockings and shoes. You'll be amazed as what she does with her stockings. Unbeknown to her, the maid is spying on Sam, through a crack in the door, voyeurism at its ultimate with spectacular young legs and stockings. Next is a sexual feast of stockings and naked feet when Sam seduces the local estate agent Kaia on the pool deck. Jeremy returns home to catch the maid spying on his wife and the estate agent. The scene is such a turn-on for him and the made, that they fuck each other while they watch Sam and Kaia having sex next to the pool. Kaia then gets a hold of the husband and forces him to suck her stockinged feet under the table whilst in a restaurant. Another great lesbian scene with Sam and the maid. Sophie in fully fashioned stockings and Sam in high-heeled sandals. Naked foot sex and stockings at its very best. The final scene is our couple in a beautiful love scene with loads of stockings and high heels. If stockings are your things, this is it!












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